Monday, September 29, 2008

This post is dedicated to the two people who read it...thank you.


less than 30 days till JIT comes home....yessss!

and i have a bet going on with some friends...basically when i win, i get a trip to my most favoritist place ever....DISNEYLAND. YES.
or six flags...either way, its good.

any plans for halloween? i realize that a majority of the people who even read this are married and are probably going to a married couples thing (i am so not bitter, i promise.) BUT what are you guys gonna be for halloween???

im sooo excited for the fall/winter. I've already started watching HOME ALONE/HOME ALONE 2...I like to be prepared for the 25th. The Santa Clause is on the list as well as The grinch and the elf and for some've got mail. There are a few others but those are the main ones.

And here is a friendly tip...definitely try apple cinnamon cheerios, they are amazing and a million times better than apple jacks AND less artificial crap.

Weezer is coming to the AZ State so gonna be there...first time seeing weezer AND going to the state fair. PEACEOUT

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my loooves

So I have this weird obsession with animal print. name it. My mom and I are making a leopard print pencil skirt, it looks a lot cuter than it sounds. Last night at my nephews birthday/baptism party there was a mexican lady that looked like she was in her 50s maybe, she was wearing a cheetah print dress...I actually went up to her and asked her where she got it. And then me and Ceci started thinking of all these ways we could make it look cuter than the way she was wearing it which was just by itself. So here are my most recent buys..none of them cost more than 20 bucks.

The red ones have nothing to do with animal print but i just love them...6 bucks at ross. i love that place.

SO...44 days until Jit comes home...I'm not counting or anything. BUT geez isn't that crazy?! I can't believe its SO close. We're planning a trip to disneyland...the happiest place in the world. I was just there in June and I feel like I haven't been there in forever. Definitely time for another visit. So this is the official countdown..October 29th, I'm so excited :)

Aaaand I love school which is kind of a first for me. I'm taking really great classes and the people in there are pretty fun too and the teachers are great. Of course these classes aren't too hard but I'm learning a lot...maybe I'll finally find out what I want to do when I grow up?

Life is good and it keeps gettin' better :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

It has definitely been a

August has seriously flown by so fast. It is now September...obviously. I'm glad its flying by, if only the next 57 days flew by just as fast. I feel as soon as I started this countdown, that the next two months are going to take FOREVER. Well life is good, I'm back in school which rocks of course...I love it. Of course its only been one week but feels good. I just went to my Family Reunion for 2008 and it was a blast like always. Flagstaff is really beautiful, only the areas away from town of course...
But here is a glimpse of the past weekend and some special bonding time with my two buddies trenton and jeremiah, they're such great friends. Hope everyone is having a great week. Sorry for the short post but a long one will be comin soooon! peaceANDlove.