Friday, June 13, 2008

I know I know...its been a while eh?

Well I wish I could say that I have a good excuse for not updating this thing more often. Its been over a month and well...nothing too new. I love life right now though, even with the repitition of it all. I have to admit that one thing or maybe its three things that have consumed my life for the past month and a half. Twilight...New Moon...and Eclipse. Yep. I'm hooked. I read all three books in 4 days and have now read all three...three times. I need help...anyone who knows about this addiction and can help me out by at least talking about these amazing books...comment? AAAHHH. Seriously though, I recommend these books...only if you can manage at least 3 hours of sleep a night because you will not want to put this thing down. I think about it all day and dream about it at night. You see....pure addiction right now. ANYWAY...onto semi-important things..

I went to Disneyland this past weekend and it was AMAZING. My sister Lisa and I have been planning this trip to Disneyland with her girls for the past month...but it was a surprise to her girls until we made it to our Hotel and the big Mickey statue in the middle of the lobby gave it away. I give props to good ol' Walt for being able to make my very...whats the word...harsh? abrasive? fun-lacking sister like a kid again. If anyone has met my sister, they know what I'm talking about. I have never seen this woman smile and laugh so much. I was in a state of shock the first day I was there because she was crackin' jokes left and right and overall just having a great time. I love that about Disney. I'd have to say that is my favorite thing...reminising of the days I used to think I was Ariel or Princess Aurora...or of course Belle. I just remember when I was little, all I would watch was The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. I watched practically every Disney movies but those were the two that didn't live as long as the others. My bad. It was so fun seeing my neices reactions to the parade, fantasmic, and of course the fireworks! The fireworks were insane! It was beautiful! Ok ok...I could go on and on but I wont.

Things are going really well though, I cannot complain. I have been working out with my trainer for almost two months now and I love it. So far...I have lost 12 lbs and 41/2 inches and a lot of other numbers that are too complicated. I get measured/weighed again on Saturday. I seriously love it though, I pretty much have to talk myself through everytime but it is so worth it. I can't go without it now. Anyyyways there is an update. Enjoy the pics...until then. Peace&LOVE.

Me and Ceci gettin' ready for Indiana Jones

Good times.

No joke...he hugged me. Oh it was beautiful. AH.

There are more pics on facebook/myspace. But I suck putting pictures on here. If anyone knows any helpful me please.


Mellissa and Curtis Hill said...

Sarita!!! Wow- 12 flipping pounds. You're gonna have to let me know what program that guy has you on becuase when I'm done with this pregnancy I'm gonna need it:) I love Disneyland too....freaking lucky! I started Twilight a few Sundays ago and read it every time I go to my in law's where it is sitting on their coffee table. Definitely addicting. Infact lately i'll be chilling and think..."I wish I knew what happens next" but I never have the bookw ith me!!! lol. Well...I love love...I love being in love with YOU!!!! XoXoXOxOxox Smooch!

Tim and Niccole said...

Haha how fun! Just think, that's gonna be us in California in about a month!!! Yay I seriously can't wait! I love ya girl like I love Ross! haha k jk

Matt & Dionne said...

AAAHHH! I have just the thing for your Twilight addiction! Go to the website click on the news blog, scroll down a bit and then click on the personal correspondence in the right column. After you read those, click on the character bios! Its AWESOME!!!! Especially for those of us who just can't seem to get enough! Stephanie Meyer answers every question you could possibly come up with and gives much more detail on the vamps and their pasts! Pretty exciting!!!
PS. Congrats on the weight loss! You look gorgeous as always!

Melissa said...

You are too cute! Im jealous about Disney...I LOVE that place.
The Twilight books are definitely good! I am starting The Host today, but i'm skeptical because I've heard its not as good.

Matt & Aundrea Mason Family said...

I'm going to say it, "What the heck is the big deal with Twilight?!" Yes, I've read them ALL, but I guess everyone just hyped it up WAY TOO MUCH!

Way to go on the 12 lbs! Isn't it the greatest feeling?!

Miss ya girl!