Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn...

Ok so I finished it last night...and the ending, to me, was perfect. I've heard a lot of people not liking the book at all, which it is a lot different from the previous 3, but the ending made the whole thing so good to me. is amazing. The whole saga. And usually I don't like Blue October at all but I love this song and can totally picture the part of the book that it would play along to. Anyway. I have to say that AZ Twilight fans are so much cooler/better than Riverside, CA...they are completely weird. I'm sorry, they just are...theres no way around it. And Riverside, CA's version of Edward isn't to impressive either.


Beatrice said...

Wait, what song from Blue October? I think my computer didn't let it show up or something. Blue October is actually one of my favorite bands - tee hee! I can't WAIT to read the book!

bricheese said...

did you go to the concert?
i wasn't too fond of the i opted out.

but i really liked the book. and so did holly. but everywhere i'm reading fans are just going on about how much they hated it and it was a terrible way to finish the series. i looooved the end. and i loved the baby.
and ya, it was different and a little disconnected from the rest of the books but that's what made it so amazing!