Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And a month or so later...

I love this time of the year. It is amazing. There are a lot of reasons why its amazing buuut my favorite so far has to be the clothes/shoes. I swear I am not shallow. But I have never seen so many sales in my life. I am completely in love with shoes especially hot maryjanes. You shall see them soooon. BUT I have found some GREAT stuff, its fabulous. Along with this time of year, there is great weather where I actually get to wear my grey peacoat that I found for 20 bucks at f.21, its amazing. Ok and there is one other thing...I am going to DIsneyland for Christmas. Long story short, IT IS MEANT TO BE. I don't get how people go all the time like its no big (i am jealous that they get to do that) BUT I have to spend a few months savingg money (I have a problem with spending it on unecessary items, ok they are so necessary) so anyway this trip isn't free but it practically is. SO I am going. It'll be a blast. I'll have great pics for that event.

And then I go in February with 2 fabulous girls. That will be an event to stay tuned for, amazing.

I love marilyn monroe.

She is my style icon right now minus a few scandalous items here and there.

This is my grandpa. Isn't this a great shot? I love it. Hes having a rough time, been in ICU for over a month now. Please pray for him :)


Tim and Niccole said...

I totally see Toocher in him!! CRAZY!I'm sorry about your grandpa :( I hope everything turns out ok. I miss you

Aundrea said...

you have a very handsome grandpa! i'm sorry he's not doing so well right now, he's in our prayers!

and if only we lived closer, because you ROCK as a babysitter!

Matt and Dionne said...

Wow what a good looking man your grandpa was! Sarah, I'm so sorry for you loss:( I hope you are doing okay. All us Foxes sure love you and are praying for your family!

Brittany Blackburn said...

I love you girl! Can't wait for February!!