Monday, March 31, 2008

Thats life...thats what they all say.

So...I'm new to the blogger world. This is my first post so I'll try to make it good. I've got the typical myspace/facebook but its kind of pointless, all you do is look at what your former classmates are doing now, 3 years later. Are they married? Are they pregnant? Its the where are they now show! But I must admit, I love it. But here I am, hooked on this thing too. So bare with me as I try to figure this whole thing out.

I was thinking of what to say on here that could possibly entertain people...throughout the day I thought of little funny stories but nothing compares to what happened at the end of this fabulous and eventful Monday. I went to FHE tonight (or as Eliza calls it, Effin'HE.) and it was the usual awkwardness of trying to get to know new people in a singles ward where every girl is secretly competing for the Elders Quorum President's attention. We had a nice lesson, ate a strawberry, talked about teeth with a future dentist...and went home. I get home and talk to my good friend Niccole Fox (Burbach now...) and we're just chatting away about old friends and life in general. I get a text from a number I didn't recognize, open it...and its this guy. This guy is like THAT GUY. He is the epitome of THAT GUY...for girls, you should know what I'm talking about, but as for everyone else...I'm sorry. Come see me and I'll tell you ALL about it. I read the text and am so excited that he was even texting me. To be honest, I had been totally crushing on this guy, like I felt like I was back in high school...yikes. SO anyway, picture this...its kind of sad really. Me on the floor talking away with a big smile on my face, I look down at my phone, read the text and get an even bigger smile on my face....and then BAM. THE SMILE LEAVES. I guess I should tell you what the text even said..."BLAH BLAH SMALL TALK SMALL TALK (akward)...Can I have your friend W****'s number, I wanted to ask her out on a date! Thanks!" (AWKWARD!!!!!!!)Like come on? Need I say more. Of course being the sweet idiot I am...I say, "Oh hey! Here it is- Have fun!" WHO SAYS THAT?! I just have to say, this is the story of my life. But least I have one right?

BUT- on the bright side, I am obsessed with icecream cones.


Tim and Niccole said...

BUMMER! that sucks, but its ok cuz I love you and that girls a skank anyways right? Your blog is adorable Sarah I hate you! But I do want to see some more pics of us on there. Haha you should put some pics of us from highschool on. That would be amazing! I wuvv you Sawah!

Matt & Dionne said...

Sawaaahhh! You cute girl! Why are you so photogenic and I'm not? I'm so glad you are blogging now--so fun:) Check my little fam out at!