Friday, April 11, 2008

Goin back to school....and some other good stuff!

So the past two weeks have been SO stressful. Work is crazy. We have our accreditors (abc??) coming at the beginning of May and we have been trying to get absolutely everything ready for those two days. Theres a definite mood change with everyone, I think we're all just nervous. Its a pretty big I've got that going on. In my department there are three of us and we are so incredibly close. We are with each other everyday all day. We love it :) BUT my awesome co-worker, Danielle, got promoted to Student Services Coordinator which is SO huge. So she is leaving...we all cried. Since I took this position back in December, I had this hesitation because I knew I needed to go back to school. It's just something that I know I need to finish. But I pretty much pushed it all away for this new job opportunity which has been amazing of course. Then a few weeks ago I had this huge impression that I needed to be back in school. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I prayed about it, talked to my brother Chris about it and waited for my answer. This past week I talked to my Uncle Chris who is also my boss about this decision. He automatically said that school needs to be my number one before I have anything or anyone else in my life that would make it more difficult. So I felt pretty good about our conversation still a little stuck on what I was going to do. But I got an email from my brother that said, "Get your butt back in school." Short and sweet eh? Then I read my patriarchal blessing that has been on my mind a lot, and it said get as much education as you possibly can, you will be the teacher for your children. So, I told my boss that I will be going back to school in the fall, which means I have to quit my position now...which is real unfortunate. But I will still be working, I will be an office assistant just different hours, so not too bad. As far as going back to school, I will hopefully be attending ASU getting my Communications major. But either way...I'll be back in school, oh joy...just kidding! I really can't wait, I miss school!


I am now working with a personal trainer....seriously...pray for me. Ha- first session, posture...apparently I have horrible posture. So this should be interesting. I cannot wait though.
Here are some pics....enjoy.


Matt & Aundrea Mason Family said...

Hey girlie!! Looks like you got your blog back up & runnin'. Yea! I can leave a comment! It looks & sounds like you're doing great, how's your back? =)
The temple pics are gorgeous! and yea for school!

Beatrice said...

Sarah - send me those poems I wrote you! That was back in my scandalous days, which I would love to remember. Awesome about ASU and personal trainer. We DO need to catch up darlin'! See you at church I hope.

Diana said...

You are so beautiful I can't help but tell you everytime I see you ;) and HECK YES to ASU!!!!!