Saturday, July 5, 2008

Heres to the countdown...

Well I wish I could update my blog with some cool exciting life changing events BUT life is pretty much the same right now which is good. Work and getting ready for school in the fall. Thats about, here are some thing I am so excited for!

Chris has been out one year this month. Craziness.

Those asians are in love with him.

Mikey my second brother...or I guess he'd be like my 5th but anyway...he will be home in like 7months-ish. Once he is, I will kick his trash at Mancala like always!

And Jit...who was secretly in love with Mother Theresa...can you blame him? 3 months-ish? Serving over there in LA LA Land. Mother and Theresa and me can't wait to see him.

Until then...this is me.
And I have lost a total of 20 lbs..8 inches...and counting. I heart countdowns.


Tim and Niccole said...

Holla!!! I love countdowns too! Yay for elders!

Matt & Aundrea Mason Family said...

awww...i miss my brother! when are you coming to visit me? you and niccole needs to plan a girls dallas!

and dang gina! 20 lbs that's awwesome! i'm stuck and still have another 20-25 to go. keep it up!

luv ya!

Kate and Peter Lowe said...

Haha Sarah you crazk me up! That is so crazy all of them have been out so long and they'll be back so soon! Wow time flies!!!

michellefox said...

Oh man! I had a breakdown when I saw my Mikey with you in that picture. It brought back a rush of memories, all good of course. Like remember when we stayed up all night cleaning in prep for Steven coming home from his mission? Shall we do a life size of Michael on the garage door?

The family trips we've taken; san diego and we can't forget the all-nighter drive up to snow college and then byui that same day. What was i thinking? It was definitely fun to have you along.

Weezer pic brought back memories of when Kev & I took Michael & Eric to the Coachella 05 outdoor concert featuring Coldplay and Weezer to name a few. Michael loved it even though he was with mom & dad. We all did.

And Chris looks so great & awesome to hear all the Asian girls like him. No doubt he's making the most of his mission.

You're the best Sarah! Thanks for being a special friend & member of the fox family! Keep up the great work.

Matt & Dionne said...

How the heck did I miss this post?! Its only one of the most important seeing as how my bro bro and your adorable bro bro are a part of it:)
And WOW!!! 20 lbs???!!! WAY TO GO SAWAH!!!! You are AWESOME!!!
Have I mentioned that I'm so glad you started a blog? Its so fun being in touch w/ you on a regular basis:)

Melissa said...

hahaha i like your breakdown of your life. You crack me up!!